A day in the life – in 10 photographs

It’s that time of the year again when all of us have a chance at making a fresh start. New resolutions and new beginnings. The top of my list always includes more self love and more gratitude. What resolutions are you making for twenty eighteen?

I wanted to end this year with a very personal post. The journey of wanting to begin writing and starting my blog has been such a revelation. This blog has been a huge part of my year – its been my ray of positive energy and the hope of finding myself after having a baby. It’s helped me become more aware, more organized, more creative, and urged me to develop new skills/hobbies to fuel my passion of writing.

I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here’s a mundane (yet beautiful) day in my life in 10 photographs.

Always starting the day with positive journaling and gratitude.


Some form of physical exercise in the mornings keeps me energetic through the day. It also encourages me to eat cleaner.


A hot shower, hair, makeup and dressing up come next. I try to do this irrespective of whether im heading out, working at home, running errands or doing home chores. For me, looking good is feeling good.


Mid day is when I want my home to be in order, chores to be completed and everything to be back where it belongs. This way, I get the rest of the day to myself.


Pre-lunch is the time to get engrossed with taking pictures. The lighting inside my home is good, and I’m at my creative best at this time of the day – though on many occasions I wait for the golden hour before sunset to take my photos.


Afternoons and tea time are my most productive hours. I try to plan my blog posts, plan compositions for my photo sessions, do some writing, jot down ideas, edit photos or do some reading related to my work. Sometimes I use this time to be creative – paint, do some gardening, or recipe testing.


Evenings are rarely spent at home – I like to get some fresh air, take a walk, meet friends, or get food and grocery supplies for the next day.


Playtime and mealtime with my toddler are probably the two most de-stressting activities of my day. I love seeing him grow, learn a new word or show a greater level of understanding when we play. For a while, I think of nothing else and that’s so calming.


Dinner is my favourite! Special meal plans are always saved for dinners. It’s our private family time – and we are suckers for ‘our time’. We rarely do dinners out, because we like to eat early, go to bed early and wake early. My toddler also goes to bed very early – so this is the only time we get to relax, have some wine and watch a movie.


Mornings are always chaotic, so I try to go slow and be more deliberate with my bedtime routine. Skincare, shower, laying out gym wear and preparing a meal plan for the next day, making notes and lists, kissing everyone goodnight and finally some more positive journaling to end the day.

The most beautiful memories always end up in blurred pictures

Until next time, XOXO

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