The beauty of dressing down

The day you take an hour to dress up, do your hair, manicure your nails, and wear the attitude — will be the day your life will be the most ordinary.

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A few years ago, I was all about the colours, the florals, the bright lip, the coral blush and the pink shadow. So, it’s a good thing that I decided to grow up somewhere along the way — which doesn’t mean to say that any of those things are bad, it just means that I’m better off without them

The twenties are all about changing with the trends, experimenting with your style, making bold wardrobe and vanity choices and basically, being non-individualistic. But, once the late twenties wean into the early thirties, you begin to understand what you love to do, wear, be — or more specifically, all that you do not wish to do, wear, be or even who you do not wish to be with. You find your sense of style rooted to your core, the soul of you — your divine intuition, your all knowing self. And it sticks with you forever — it becomes all that is you. And more often than not, it is exactly what you were not a decade ago.


The books, places, people and ideas that have defined your style and inspired your vibe, have taken years in the making. But finally, you feel happy in your skin. You can now appreciate all the beauty around you and come back home feeling like your niche is still your best bet at looking naturally gorgeous, day after day, time after time. You’ve finally found your style mantra — and irrespective of what trend the world is shattering under, your style is your safe haven. And even though others may try, they can’t do your thing like you. You do it best. And there is solace in knowing that you have finally discovered the perfect spice mix to leave the audience licking their fingers, always coming back for more.

You are at that point of effortless dressing, effortless beauty and effortless style — making it look easy, enviable and enchanting. You may not be the trendsetter or the trend breaker, but you reside with dignity somewhere in between the two extremes, in a happy place with everything and everyone you’ll ever need.


And that’s where I want to be. I love my neutrals. I love nude lips. I love the typical warm eye shadow look. I love natural, matte blushes. I love simple, uncomplicated jewellery. I love a good watch and maybe no jewellery. I love my foundation to be medium coverage — exposing the beautiful skin I live in. I love to keep my hair open for the breeze to ruin my blow dry. I love matte, nude nail polishes. I love very subtle, musky, floral scents. And more than anything else, I love to keep things basic. Casual. Breathable. Lived in. Clothes I can dance in. Jeans I can eat in. Shoes I can take long walks in. Jewellery I can work with. And lipsticks I can kiss with. This is me now, not 10 years ago. But, I’ve found what works for me. For my skin. For my hair. For my body. And I know, I can rock it. Rock it, walk it, talk it.

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It’s not unique, it’s not fashionable and it’s surely not trendy. But the fun fact is that I don’t really care. And so, at one point, everybody else also stops to care. Finding what you love to wear, to be, or to do is your path to enlightenment, freedom and liberation. Let nobody tell you otherwise. Every artist is misunderstood before he becomes the manic rage. You may have to prison break the stereotypes, rubbish the fashion gurus, or convince yourself that not every body is a bikini body waiting to be featured on the Kingfisher calendar of the year — but have heart in the fact that beauty is a relative term, and feeling beautiful is the only measure of it. Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be — Plain Jane, Sassy Sally, or Foxy Phoebe. Break the rules or make a few new ones. But whatever you do, have fun along the way, take it easy as The Eagles sang, stay just the way you are as Billy Joel sang, and you’ll always feel on top of the word, as the Carpenters sang.

And, whatever you wear — everything or nothing — always dress to kill.


Until next time, XOXO

Photo credits (and help with concept planning): @vijayanand_celluloids on Instagram

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