Brand favourites – Wet n Wild

What this post is about — This is a brand specific post featuring a short review of my favourite face products from Wet n Wild.


Wet n Wild, a brand that was launched in India only recently, has taken the beauty world by storm. Their affordable, good quality makeup is impossible to resist and worth every penny. A treat for beauty beginners who wish to experiment with make up trends and a humble surprise for the subject matter experts, Wet n Wild is a brand that has been an impressive journey for me. If I had to complain, my only wish would be that the brand be rechristened. I understand the objective of calling it thus — assuming that their hot selection of makeup will turn women on like nothing else — but I think they went too far with it.

I have a lot of favourites from the brand but the products mentioned in this post are things I use on an everyday basis. Some travel with me in my purse and the rest are ride or die (all hail Jacyln Hill, while I use her terminology) products from my present makeup bag.

DSC_0454 (1)
Favourite products from Wet n Wild reviewed here

Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana

Let me get one thing out-of-the-way — this is not a bronzer by any means. Not even for Snow white. Reserve your Cabana is an illuminating powder with tiny tiny shimmer specs. No glitterati, only a nice, neutral, white gold shimmer. Perfect for the face or the body, it gives the most natural, flattering sheen to the features, a glow-from-within look, and works beautifully even without a highlighter for all-over face application. It brightens the skin tone, adds dimension and smoothens flaws. The coverage is sheer, but the sheen is fantabulous.


The compact is huge, making it ideal to dip a big fluffy brush into it and apply it generously to the shoulders, clavicle or calves. It looks magically natural, feeling like second skin and coming close to what could easily be an air brushed makeup effect. It lasts for 3-4 hours on its own and longer with a good setting spray.

This is my favourite product from the brand, hands down.

Megaglo Contouring Palette in Dulche De Leche

If you are just beginning your contouring journey, then look no further. In fact, even if you have other contouring products, you need this in your life. Dulche De Leche, just like Reserve your Cabana, is an XL size compact. It comes divided into two halves, one half is the matte powder contour and the other half is a banana powder/matte highlight. Both the contour and the banana powder are perfectly suited to fair-medium Indian skin; if you have my skin tone then this is your calling.


Both products in the pan have some kick-off and you will need to tap excess off your brush every time you dip in, but the pigmentation is strong — so one dip should be sufficient per cheek. They blend like a dream, they last for hours and they sink into the skin defining features seamlessly. Most contour products that I have tried earlier either run too warm or too ashy, this however, is the perfect combination of both. The banana powder is fantastic for setting concealer under the eyes or as a subtle matt highlight for the bridge of the nose.

I love the fact that I can swirl my large face brush into it. Makes me happy.

Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

This is a cult classic in the drugstore world. Especially, this shade. And for a reason. I am not the person to wear too much highlight, except a little on my nose, brow bones and the top of my cheeks. I am very restricted with how much highlight I apply, and what brush I apply my highlight with.


Precious petals is a gorgeous barely-pink highlight with silver shimmer in it. It picks up generously on a brush (after you have used-up or, in my case, scratched off the first plastic-like layer on top) and applies easily. You don’t need much, at all. This is still a tad bit heavy for my liking, but I love it for the evenings. If I need my highlight to make a statement, this will always be ‘the one’. It lasts a really long time — even if the rest of your makeup is fading, know that precious metals is with you till nightfall, and beyond.

Photofocus Pressed Powder in Warm Beige

Pressed powders are easy. No fuss. They are unlike loose powders that pick up excessively on brushes, fly away if they are finely-milled, and dust all over the place. Pressed powders are also good on the go, and especially awesome if they are as good as this one.


When I first used this powder, I wasn’t sure that my brush was picking up any product at all. But as I set my concealer and foundation with it, suddenly my base looked flawless. I could not see the powder. At all. But it was apparently there, creating magic. With the subtlest of the subtle sheens, it is the only pressed powder I have ever used that is truly invisible. The only drawback is that it does not last long, but can be retouched as many times as you wish with no difference in the final results. It is small and easy to carry around, so I can live with the fact that the lasting power is not to die for. I’ll go as far as saying that this is the best pressed powder I have ever used. And that says a lot.

Warm Beige is a shade that will suit several skin tones, anything from fair to medium.

Basic Contour Brush

Wet n Wild have a huge range of professional makeup brushes. I have not tried those, but on a whim, I bought a basic contour brush from the brand. A pretty, white-bodied baby with ombré bristles ending in pink. No points for guessing why I fell for it that fateful night.

I got it with no expectations (after all, it was such a steal) — but oh my, this brush is so good. It perfectly fits into the hollow of my cheekbones, and creates the perfect, seamless contour with small, elliptical motions. I also use it to contour the rest of my face. It is not the softest brush, but I’m not sure if I love really soft brushes for everything. I can’t explain the science behind it, but it rocks my boat. It lures me into trying more brushes from the brand. For the price, it may just be the best contour brush in the market.

That about sums it up for today. The Wet n Wild Mega Last Catsuit Liquid Matte Lipsticks are also a huge favourite from the brand but I have already spoken about those in a previous beauty post — my Favourite Nude Lipsticks.

Until next time, XOXO

Photo credits: @vijayanand_celluloids on Instagram


7 responses to “Brand favourites – Wet n Wild”

  1. Whenever I’m in the market for a new product I use your blog as a reference guide. Tried out the illuminating foundation from your previous post but it was too oily for my skin. Still on the lookout for a good matte foundation. Debating between this pressed powder and the fit me one from your previous post. Which would you recommend?


    • I’m sorry to know that the foundation was too oily for your skin – I don’t know if illuminating foundations are good for girls with oily skin. Try the LA Girl Matt foundation – have heard great things about it but it isn’t meant for dry skin like mine. The next time you take recommendations from my blog, remember that I have extremely dry skin, so everything I use may not suit your skin type.
      Pressed powder – the Fit Me one would be better for you. It’s more matte. But get the right shade for your skin tone. Hope this helps.


      • Hey, no worries. I know your skin is dry so I didn’t buy the foundation. Just went to the Nykaa store to test it. Tested other stuff as well. Thought I’d go for the Faces foundation stick for now.
        And thanks, I’ll try out the fit me pressed powder.

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  2. Loved the photos in this post!!! I have a lipstick from wet and wild that I love and use quite often, I think itàs called wine room or something along those lines. I’ll defintely try some other products though!


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