I’ll Take Mine With Some Extra Spice

Review: Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Eye Shadow Palette with swatches, and two eye shadow looks – Sunset Glam and Midnight Grunge.

She’s back. Bigger. Better. Spicier.


Yes! SophDoesNails, the gorgeous YouTuber, is back with yet another collaboration from Makeup Revolution London — another mind-blowing eye shadow palette that has looks to kill, shades to die for, and promises that will take you to your seventh heaven, your cloud number nine, your garden of Eden. This time however, the shade selection is bolder, sassier, and grungier with fewer neutrals and more warm, dark, and colourful shadows. In comparison to her older palette (see a full review here), this palette contains only 18 shadows — 6 shimmers and 12 mattes. This palette has the shade names written under each pan — a feedback from the older palette that was obviously taken into consideration while creating this one — leaving space for only 18 shadows as opposed to 24 in the older palette.


The palette in rose gold with matte pink lettering (reverse of her previous palette), is gorgeous enough to frame or display on your makeup counter. It is compact, sleek, shiny, and comes with a beautiful, full-sized mirror inside. Just looking at it makes me happy, hitting the right buttons in my brain — like hot chilli in a Mexican rice bowl. This palette, as the name suggests, is the extra spice to all my makeup — standing out from everything I own and yet being versatile enough to use for almost any occasion. If Soph created another one of these, or maybe even ten — I’d get them all.


The palette echoes summer in all its glorious beauty — sunset tones and hot chilli vibes, with a few cool-toned shades for the girl who loves her blue undertones. Infinity is an incredibly pigmented, bright silver shimmer and Brownies is a rare, cool-toned, dark brown matte which is my most loved shadow from the entire palette. There are some bold Burgundys and Plums, as well as some Khaki colours — such a graceful assortment of grunge and glam — resonating with Soph’s distinctive style and personality, and perfect to complement her love for nude lips. With this palette, she has most definitely been loyal to her soul — and to a large extent, to mine too.


As with the older palette, some mattes do not swatch as intensely as the shimmers — but since this palette mainly comprises dark colours, only one matte shadow – a light yellow called Vitamin C – lacks colour-pay off while swatching and needs some building up even on the lids. LA Sun – a yellow gold shimmer, is probably the most pigmented shade in the palette. The shadows are all smooth, creamy and buttery in texture. Most shades are justifiably pigmented, have fantastic lasting power and blend effortlessly. The shimmers are intense, especially if used damp as foils with MAC Fix plus or with a wet brush. The shimmers also last the longest on the lids, and surprisingly, have minimum fall-out. One suggestion though — since this palette is all about the drama, it is preferable to do your eye makeup before the rest of the face. This way, you get some leeway to correct any mistakes, and can avoid reworking the under eyes with concealer or translucent powder after doing your eyes.

The shade names are basic, nothing too innovative — they seem to be somewhat of a mix of Soph’s favourite foods and a heap load of Taylor Swift references. Not essentially my poison, but then what’s in a name after all? Moreover, if I ever created an eye shadow palette, I would most certainly name one Crazy Diamond, one Serendipity, and one other Pizza – or something like that.


Top Row

Everyday – very pale purple with a white shift duo-chrome finish, Running Late – matte carrot orange, Infinity – silver, metallic finish, Cheesecake – matte chestnut brown, Cookie Dough – matte soft brown & Dreams – warm champagne shimmer.


Middle Row

Vitamin C – matte canary yellow, Sweet N Sour – electric matte orange, Twenty One – matte cerise pink, Romance – burgundy shimmer with a pink shift, Enchanted – matte wine purple & Lakes – dark olive green matte.


Bottom Row

Brownies – deep brown matte, Chocolate Orange – sienna brown matte, Mulled Wine – red violet matte, LA Sun – gold shimmer, Aurora – khaki green shimmer & Reputation – charcoal black matte with a slight green undertone.


Overall, the extra spice palette is an absolute stunner — bold and vibrant with such a great variety of colours, and plenty to choose from no matter what look you wish to create. It lacks generosity in terms of neutral, nude colours and you may not be able to create a completely natural eye shadow look with this baby. But, that does not bother me, because Soph’s older palette has two full rows dedicated to the nudes (sounds strange, I know) — so I am not complaining. I suppose this palette is not targeted at the simple, safe, buttoned-up girl on the outside, but the wild child that plays poker in her heart — so if you fit the bill, you will most definitely love this palette.

LOOK 1 : Sunset Glam

Shades used: Overall lid colour Cookie Dough; Crease colours in the outer lid Sweet & Sour, Twenty One, Mulled Wine and Enchanted in the same order as mentioned here, blending out edges each time with Cookie Dough; Inner lid Vitamin C, followed by LA Sun (using MAC Fix Plus); Inner corner and brow bone highlights Everyday mixed with LA Sun; Lower lash line Sweet & Sour, Twenty One, Mulled Wine and Enchanted; Eyeliner Still Smudge Stick in Moray. Finally, topped off with some black kohl and mascara.
Lip Colour: Chambor Matte Lip Crayon in Aztec Brick (orangish brick with gold shimmer)
Ideal for: Music/Coachella-ish Festivals, Havana dance nights, Theme parties




LOOK 2: Midnight Grunge

Shades used: Overall lid shade Cookie Dough mixed with Chocolate Orange; Crease colours in the outer lid Lakes, followed by Reputation, blending out edges each time with Cookie Dough; Inner lid Aurora (using MAC Fix Plus); Inner corner and brow bone highlights LA Sun; Lower lash line Chocolate Orange, Lakes, Reputation. Finally, topped off with LA Girl Glide Gel Liner in Deep Bronze, and some mascara.
Lip Colour: Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Rose (cool-toned, dull rose pink)
Ideal for: Sophisticated glam outfits (suits, jumpsuits, LBDs, gowns), late nights, Evening events, Live tributes to Grunge music (or Nirvana nights at home)




As an after thought, I have to admit that these are probably the best quality eye shadows that Makeup Revolution London as ever created. I love it when bloggers inspire brands to become better versions of themselves — be it Kathleen Lights X Colorpop, Jaclyn Hill X Morphe or Soph X Revolution. I take pride in our community. Immesnse pride.

Until next time,


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