Sunset in a Pan

Review: Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette with swatches, and three eye shadow looks – ‘Soft Grunge’, ‘Berry Glam’, and ‘Warning Up’.


If you aren’t the ardent YouTube buff, then let me introduce you to SophDoesNails, a UK YouTuber who mainly focuses on UK drugstore makeup, wins her audience with her disarming, honest, humble, and relatable personality, and is known for her grungy yet glam twist on makeup. SophDoesNails collaborated with Makeup Revolution London to create this 24 eye shadow palette which includes some of her signature shades — she also talks about her inspiration for creating this palette in a YouTube video. Well, you have to admit, there is something so soothing about watching someone else do makeup! I sure feel inspired just looking at the shade selection in this palette!

DSC_1674 2


The matte peachy packaging with rose gold lettering is totally on trend (KKW Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Gigi Hadid X Maybelline); the palette also comes with a generously-sized mirror inside. A clear insert contains all the shade names, but with 24 shades and no names written on the pan, it can be confusing to refer to the insert — what could be more challenging is to not lose it!

The palette has 24 pans in all (14 mattes and 10 shimmers) with a mixture of warm and cool neutrals, rusty oranges, reds, purples and some grungy greens — something for everyone in there — some shimmers are dense with glitter particles and may even be applied damp as foils. Soph reckons that some shades in the palette can be used as eyebrow powders (Pug for those with fair to dark blonde hair, Mug Cake or Rosewood for those with brown hair, and Nightmare for those with black hair). Essentially, the palette can be divided into 3 sets of 2 columns each — the first two columns may be used to create warm, bold looks, the next two columns may be used to create cooler, grungy or smokey looks, and the last two columns have your everyday matte nudes and dark browns.


You can create any number of looks with this palette. I particularly love the matte, warm neutrals in the palette. The days I feel especially daring, I go all out with Mixed Berries, Petrol (contains irridescent glitter! yay!) or Pine Tree applied with some Fix Plus. Grow old, Smokey Bronze and Copper Coin are so gorgeous for evening looks (insanely pigmented too) — these are the rose gold, bronze and copper shimmers of your dreams! Mug Cake, Rosewood and Nightmare are perfect for lining the waterline or for a creating a smoked out eyeliner effect. Fairy Lights and Pink Champagne can be used as brow bone and inner corner highlights — although these aren’t my favourite for the job (still prefer the top row of my Morphe 35F palette – and that’s only because I’m a picky bitch).


All-in-all, this palette is extremely versatile, the shade selection is well thought-out, and the palette is very affordable for the number and quality of shadows in it. It definitely gives some of the more expensive palettes a run for their money! It is worth noting that this palette is also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. Such a pretty pretty palette, this one!


Some of the matte shades do not swatch as intensely as the shimmers (Pug, Iced Coffee, and Cuppa Tea in particular), which is typical. However, they hold up well on the lids. The shimmers are best applied with the fingers or with a dense, wet brush. The shimmers are slightly more difficult to blend compared to the mattes. The matte shades blend effortlessly with a big fluffy brush or a precise crease brush. The longevity and intensity of the shadows is great with a lid primer, and overall their lasting power is phenomenal. Most shades are well-pigmented, although they do have some kick-off. This doesn’t really bother me as they sit happy on the lids, blend easily, and take me through the night. Ideal for travel because of the huge mirror inside, the variety of neutral shades, and the convenience of going from a day look to a night look within one sleek, compact palette.

Top row

  • Penguin- matte white
  • Pancakes- light neutral matte
  • Fairy lights- white shimmer
  • Pink champagne- light pink shimmer
  • Iced coffee- matte light warm neutral
  • Cuppa tea- warm light brown matte

Second row

  • Grow old- glittery shimmery gold/bronze
  • Sparks fly- glittery shimmery gold
  • Smokey bronze- glittery shimmery dark bronze
  • Mixed berries- glittery shimmery magenta purple
  • Tiramisu- neutral matte medium brown
  • Peaches- light matte peach


Third Row

  • Cloudberry- light matte orange
  • Pumpkin- matte reddy orange
  • Pine Tree- metallic moss green
  • Petrol- iridescent blue/brown shimmer
  • Pug- neutral matte grey brown
  • Danger- matte brick red

Bottom Row

  • Strawberry sweets- matte strawberry pink
  • Festive flame- metallic shimmery pink/copper
  • Copper coin- metallic shimmery orange/copper
  • Mugcake- dark neutral matte brown
  • Rosewood- dark grey pink matte
  • Nightmare- matte black


No matter what eyeshadow mood you are in, this palette’s got you covered, love.


Shades used: All over lid shade Iced Coffee mixed with Cuppa Tea; transition/crease shade Tiramisu, Outer lid Petrol; Inner lid Copper Coin (teeny bit); inner corner and brow bone highlights Fairy Lights; lower lash line Cuppa Tea, followed by Tiramisu, followed by Petrol on a pencil brush sprayed with MAC Fix Plus. Topped up with black Kohl and Mascara.
Lip Colour: MAC Liptensity in Smoked Almond
Ideal for: Evenings out, Rainy days, Candle light dinners, Road Trips, Bachelorettes





Shades used: Overall lid shade Peaches; transition/crease shades Peaches mixed with Tiramisu; centre of the lids Mixed Berries; outer lid Mug Cake (teeny bit in the crease); inner corner and brow bone highlights Fairy lights; lower lash line Peaches, followed by Tiramisu, followed by Mug Cake. Topped up with black Kohl and Mascara.
Lip Colour: NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic
Ideal for: Date nights, Romantic evenings, First Kisses (the lipstick will not budge), Neutral outfits, Weddings, Watching Princess Diaries





Shades used: Overall lid shade Pug; transition/crease shades Tiramisu and a teeny bit of Danger; inner lid Sparks Fly, inner corner and brow bone highlights Fairy Lights, lower lash line Pug, followed by Tiramisu. Topped up with black Kohl and Mascara.
Lip Colour: NYX Lip Lingerie in Seduction
Ideal for: Office, Coffee dates, Family gatherings, Pyjama parties, Everyday self-love




I was lucky enough to get my hands on the SophXRevolution Extra Spice palette before it went out of stock everywhere. Review coming up soon — once I’ve played around with it a wee bit more. Turn on, tune in, and drop out to find out more.

Until next time,


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